DIY hair accessories for summer weekend

Hair accessories for summer weekends are mandatory to save yourself and your hair from sweating. There are creative runways inspired behind for every outfit and occasion. Here is the simple step-by-step instruction to choose your creative handmade accessories for summer weekend done by yourself.

Crochet headband using Lace

A combination of fashion house flowery print crochet texture with lace into a homespun headband is an iconic style to make your own hair accessory. All you need is a needle, thread, scissors, and stretch lace for making this creative accessory.

DIY instructions:

  • headbandTake a 30” beaded stretch lace. Lace may be made of fabric or readily available craft items.
  • Measure the lace to head size and cut accordingly.
  • Overlap the lace ends from 1”-1.5”
  • With the help of the needle, stitch the ends together using thread.
  • Choose a favourite color embroidered doily, according to the shape and size and hand-stitch to the side to decorate your band.
  • A simple, easy, and cute handmade crochet headband is ready to use.

Embellished barrette:

Antique hair accessories like embellished barrette is a trendy form of accessories made with glittering gold hair combs. It is a trendy and cute summer accessories for hair this summer.

DIY instructions:

  • Select the favorite color buttons, gemstones, and barrette. Apart from this, take hot-glue gun, pearls, pliers, decorating items for an outstanding look.
  • Use pliers to clip off the backings using buttons.
  • Layout the creative design on barrette.
  • With the help of hot-glue, apply buttons, pearl, and gemstones in the design and fix it creatively.

Now the beautiful handmade embellished barrette hair accessories for summer weekend are ready to use for all attire and affairs. DIY and explore beauty.