How to make a homemade mask for hydration hair

In this current situation the hair problem plays a major role in every once life. People in the world faces different kind of hair problems like dryness, hair fall, split ends and even more. Here many of them face hair hydration problems. Here are some tips for homemade mask for hydration hair, which will enrich the heath of the hair. The wide products are available in markets, which are affordable in price. There are many things, which available in our own kitchen at free cost, which helps us to get rid from the hair damage.


Protein hair masks which made with strawberry, egg yolk, olive oil. The antioxidant in the strawberry will helps the hair to be shine and retain moisture in hair. Egg yolk holds the protein and strengthens your hair strands. Take a shower after few minutes.

Moisture hair mask made with banana, avocado, sweet potato, honey, yogurt and coconut oil. These ingredients will make hair moisture. The potassium and natural oil in bananas will soften your hair. It protects the elasticity to prevent from split ends and hair damages. Avocado contains vitamin B, which will strengthen your hair and improves your hair growth. The sweet potato, honey yogurt is easy mask to apply. This makes your hair moisture.

Deep cleaning masks which contains yogurt, apple cider vinegar and lemon. The lemon and apple cider vinegar act as an astringent and washes the excess oil.

To rescue the dry and damage hair apply avocado, honey and olive oil. The oil agent, which contain in avocado and olive oil is great for our hair. These ingredients will help the hair from damage, repair dryness and brittle hair.

bananasPink clay and avocado are often use in face but it is equally effective for hair also. Using DIY mask for hydration hair can be used for both face and skin. The pink clay, which purifies and strengthen your hair, were avocado gives nourishment to your hair.

The mask with the yogurt and honey works more efficiently for hydration hair. The antioxidant found extra virgin olive oil promotes a healthy scalp and new hair growth. Honey is good proteins and vitamins which helps in growth of hair and yogurt which to repair the damage hair.

These are the homemade beauty products for hair hydration, which are available in markets. There are some more products, which are available in our home. These are the homemade beauty products, which are available in market. These products are not harmful to our hair or scalp. This helps enriches the growth and health of the hair.