How to make hair band and hair rubber at home

When people get free time or holidays, spend their time creating various types of DIY products especially women. In this case, hairband and hair rubber is one of the products more popular among the people and has to be done by so many people around the world. It is because does not require too may tool for making this. It can be done easily by using regular usage products. If you want to know the steps of making a DIY stylish hairband and rubber, read the following lines.

hair rubber

Hair rubber

The plain rubber band or elastic is necessary in order to make the different designs of the hair rubber band. All you need to do is purchase the plain rubber band from the shops to make designing a rubber band in your home. With the help of ribbon or different awesome clothes, you are able to make a rubber band. The first thing you need to choose the material or ribbon with attractive designs, no matter what material will be it will fit for making a headband. Cut the designs in an appropriate size and fix them with an empty rubber band. Otherwise, choose the favorite color of the material and stitch them around the empty rubber band or elastic.


It is also similar to hair rubber but there is no need for elastic or empty rubber band for this. You need to choose stretchable material for this hairband like T-shirt, or ribbon. All you need to do is measure the size of your top head and cut fabrics into strips according to measurement length. Sew together the ends of the strips and bride the strips and finally sew the end.

Therefore, follow the steps in order to make handmade rubber for hair.